This unique fashion brand was also an opportunity to use mutual inspiration with Zaha Hadid architecture for creation of typography as well as pictogram. Soft lines and structural based shapes are also visible in the Alchimionek brand, mixed with femininity and urban vibe. Those elements were the essence, which had to be expressed in logo design as an important part of its identity.

insp01_alchimionekChanga Meixihu International Render Zaha Hadid Architects
business crd01
business crd01


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  • Alchimionek Branding 2013
  • Alchimionek Website 2013
  • TA Website 2014
  • TA Branding 2014
  • Snap Fashion 2012
  • Certum branding 2014
  • Certum web 2014
  • Santi 2013
  • BBC Broadcasting House 2011
  • Audio Sign 2012
  • The Perfume Project 2009
  • Mobile UX storyboard 2012
  • Let it be Light 2012
  • Inclusive Design booklet 2011
  • Time representation 2009
  • Stress Symptoms Poster 2011
  • Evolution Marketing Promo 2011

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