Welcome to my portfolio. My name is Ewelina. I am a graphic designer with digital design in focus.

Perfume the journey project

The 'Perfume' was my answer for a project 'Journey'. I've decided to approach the idea of the journey in a less literal way. Therefore I thought about a journey of senses. I wanted to represent how a scent changes over time. I was inspired by fractals, because their definition perfectly fitted to my idea of creating a sequence of multiplying shapes. I've created three designs in order to represent fruity, spicy and sweet scent. Each of the scents is shown in three stages: head, heart and a soul of the perfume.


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  • Alchimionek Branding 2013
  • Alchimionek Website 2013
  • TA Website 2014
  • TA Branding 2014
  • Snap Fashion 2012
  • Certum branding 2014
  • Certum web 2014
  • Santi 2013
  • BBC Broadcasting House 2011
  • Audio Sign 2012
  • The Perfume Project 2009
  • Mobile UX storyboard 2012
  • Let it be Light 2012
  • Inclusive Design booklet 2011
  • Time representation 2009
  • Stress Symptoms Poster 2011
  • Evolution Marketing Promo 2011

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